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Due to Covid this program is temporarily suspended.

Check back in 2021

I have been teaching bootcamps since 2006.  In 2019 I brought my bootcamps to Camano Island and Stanwood.  

A couple of things happened.  First, I had people who came to sign up and then realized that they were physically not going to be able to do the program.  Second, I  had a couple of people who started bootcamp, but had to drop out because of their physical limitations.  

I have been thinking about this ever since, and have put together this new program which I call unbootcamp.  It is not about hour-long grueling physical workouts.  It is focused on healthy lifestyle, which will include nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress reduction.  Some days we will incorporate simple low impact workouts, but some days we will not workout at all...rather I will give you exercise homework to do.  Nutrition and lifestyle will be at the core of this program.

This program will run for 6 weeks.   It will help get you back on the road to health, wellness and feeling great!  

If you are overweight, out of shape, taking pharmaceuticals or just sick and tired of being sick and tired then this program is for you!  

Group size is limited. 

Cost is $299+tax.(That's only $50 per week!)

If you are ready to register for Unbootcamp*, or if you just have questions, fill out the following:

*You should always consult your physician before beginning a new exercise or nutrition program.


I want to sign up for unbootcamp

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