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Stretch and Flexibility


We all know that we are supposed to stretch.  We know it will make us feel better in the long run.  But most of us don’t stretch enough, and some don’t stretch at all!

My “Covid” project was getting certified in stretch and flexibility.

Did you know that most of your little aches and pains can be eliminated with a daily stretch routine?  

In only 10-30 minutes a day you can be feeling great!  This is NOT yoga, this is targeted stretching.

 I completed my certification last December.  I will tell you that, since I have added a regular stretch routine to my day, I feel amazing.  The little aches and pains I chalked up to age and menopause are gone.

Now I am incorporating a lot of stretch into my clients’ training programs and I’ve seeing great results.

I am offering customized Stretch and Flexibility as a stand alone program*. 

You can purchase a package, which will include an initial consultation and 5-30 minutes sessions. 

Your stretch and flexibility program will be customized to target your specific needs.

The Stretch and Flexibility package is only $150+tax. 

If this sounds like something you would like to try email me at

Or call/text me at 206-354-1194.

*You should always consult your physician before beginning a new exercise or nutrition program.


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