Fit Girl


As a certified nutrition consultant I can teach you what to eat and when to eat to achieve your goals.  There is so much information on the internet that it can be hard to sort through it all and figuring out what is true and what isn't.  The information on the internet is generic and does not take into account your personal situation.  

Marketing food that is going to make us fat and unhealthy is BIG BUSINESS!    Illness and obesity are also BIG BUSINESS.  Whether it is selling you the unhealthy food or treating the illnesses that comes from eating the unhealthy food, corporations are getting rich off of the American diet. 

With a little education, I will help you outsmart big business. If you are trying to lose weight, gain weight, or just improve your nutrition give me a call or email me.  We can put together a nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle. I offer nutrition counseling, meal plans, kitchen overhauls (yes, I will throw out the bad food!) and classes.

In November we are practicing Mindful Eating.  My facebook page will be updated daily with information to help you eat mindfully.  Click the link.


  You can host a nutrition seminar at your home, at a gathering place or at your place of business.  Please contact me to find out about availability and rates.

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